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I am honored to be nominated for the position of President-Elect. Through 38 years of membership and a number of leadership positions in the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), I have developed great appreciation for the substantial knowledge base and technical expertise of our membership, the vision and dedication of our staff and volunteers, and the impact our broad network of chapters and committees can have. I have also gained an understanding of what makes the Society function well, and a passion for helping the Society grow and spread its influence worldwide. If elected, my priorities will be to:

  • Enhance the quality of our products and services, and their accessibility to our diverse global membership,

  • Grow the Society through outreach to IEEE regions worldwide,

  • Broaden our reach through enhanced partnerships with sister societies and industry, and

  • Increase our relevance by becoming more influential in public policy and decision making.


I will strive to accomplish these goals while ensuring that the operations of the Society are member-centric, forward-looking, collaborative, and prudent in its use of resources.


As President-Elect and President, I will promote greater and more diverse member involvement globally. I will help our conferences evolve with technology and make them more accessible to members in all regions of the IEEE,  ensuring that they are the preferred venues for presenting new research results and networking. I will help our publications adapt to new publishing paradigms and changing revenue models, so that they attract the best research articles and remain definitive sources of Signal Processing (SP) content. I will support initiatives to enhance and broaden the reach of SP education at all levels.


Only a small fraction of SP professionals and students are members of SPS. I will engage a multi-pronged strategy to change this. Growing SPS will involve becoming truly global, and increasing our presence in developing countries. I will support increasing conference events and developing new educational activities in major growth areas, and providing the resources and help to implement such initiatives.


Recognizing the importance of cross-disciplinary research, I will work to broaden our footprint and increase our impact by building partnerships with sister societies, including  in computing, neuroscience, medicine, biology, energy, transportation and finance. I will focus on bettering our partnerships with industry to  assist them with technology needs and expand career development opportunities for employees. Because SP is pervasive with significant societal impact, SPS must become the source that is consulted on technology and policy in our field. Unfortunately, this is not the case now. To change this, I will champion SP to thought leaders and policy makers, promote activities to help SP professionals articulate and advance research and technology directions, and support programs to broaden participation in SP by engaging non-ECE and pre-college students.

If elected, I will work collaboratively with our Boards and Committees, staff and other volunteers to achieve the above goals and make a positive impact on the well-being, growth and stature of SPS.